ATAC at the Holter

About ATAC

ATAC, or After-school Teen Art Council, is a group of teens who want to leave their mark on this world though the creative arts. It has been going for six years on Wednesdays at the Holter museum of art.

ATAC has organized a screen printing business to create custom T-shirts. This has allowed them to develop a strong work ethic and learn how to run a business and handle money.

ATAC plans to become more involved in the community through public art, including their current project, which involves crosswalk art downtown meant to highlight teen’s roles in Helena.

Meet our Group

ATAC taking a family photo in front of the green screen
From left to right, back to front: Sondra (Art Mom), Luna, Carter, Lucy, Drake, Megan, Janaina (resident artist), Ellie, Micheal, and Natalia
ATAC in front of the Holter
Left to right: Lucy, Micheal, Sondra (Art Mom), Megan, Janaina
(resident artist)

Our Projects

Teeshirts: Starting in January of 2019 ATAC began their tee-shirt project. Papu, owner of Four O Six, taught them the process of screen printing. Thanks to Papu’s teachings ATAC now has their own screen printing business. Original designs created by members of ATAC and participating students in Holter programming are sold in the Holter store.

Interested in working with ATAC to print t-shirts for an event or organization? Contact the group using the contact form below to receive a project quote.

Crosswalks: In 2020 ATAC embarked on a new project, painting crosswalks in downtown Helena. With the resident artist, Janaina Vieira-marques, a teacher, artist, and expert in public art, guiding them the group came up with the idea to paint crosswalks with imagery representing teens’ voices in community.

Bulbouts: In 2021 ATAC worked with Janaina and Helena’s Non-Motorized Travel Advisory Council to create art that benefits public safety through the painting of bulbouts on the corners of Fuller Ave. and Placer Ave. Bulbouts are curb extensions which widen sidewalks, reducing the crossing distance and allowing pedestrians and drivers to see each other when obstacles such as parked vehicles would otherwise block visibility. The 2021 project was made by teen for community.

Outside of seasonal projects, ATAC sells cotton candy at public events such as the Meadowlark Music Festival and Vigilante parade. The group also decorates rocks with kids at these events. They use these events to get into the community and draw attention to ATAC and the Holter.

Contact ATAC

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12E Lawrence St
Helena, MT 59601

To join ATAC come to Holter Museum of Art any Wednesday at 3:30.

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