2021 Encounter Project

In 2020 our Encounter Project goal was to illustrate our place as teens in the community through the painting of crosswalks at the intersection of Last Chance Gulch and Lawrence St. For the 2021 ENCOUNTER PROJECT, we worked with the community to create art that benefits public safety through the painting of bulbouts on the corners of Fuller Ave. and Placer Ave.

Bulbouts are curb extensions which widen sidewalks, reducing the crossing distance and allowing pedestrians and drivers to see each other when obstacles such as parked vehicles would otherwise block visibility. We worked with the Non-Motorized Travel Advisory Council, a committee of dedicated community members, to create a more secure walkable zone within intersections of frequent pedestrian activities. And to make it pretty!

To enact our project we have applied the skills learned in working with Missoula mural artist Janaína Vieira-Marques during her teaching residency at the Holter Museum of Art in 2020. Under her guidance, we created illustrations to beautify downtown while promoting the safety of our community. 

The project was supported by community, with both monetary contributions, donated supplies, and help painting the mural itself. In addition, ATAC members utilized their experience with their screen printing business to create informative t-shirts for the project.

The 2021 t-shirt design with elements of the 4 bulb-outs.

Thank you for your support of our project! To contribute, visit https://holtermuseum.org/donate.

Your support directly benefits the voice of teens giving back to our community

Designs representing and inspired by Montana’s Big Sky.
Silhouettes representing smoke and new growth.
Tracks showing Montana’s evolving wildlife throughout time.
Representation of Montana’s waterways.

About our designs:

We started by envisioning the 4 elements and thinking about how those relate to Montana.

Our water design on the northwest corner was inspired by the beauty of our Montana rivers and has our state trout, the brown-spotted cutthroat. Our design incorporates the storm drains to symbolize and remind us that the waters which run off our streets will end up within our rivers.

In the southwest corner of the intersection, we have our earth design which contains animal tracks of wildlife, including game animals and organisms which have gone extinct. The T-Rex tracks pay homage to the Museum of the Rockies and Big Mike, situated outside the museum.

The southeast corner holds our air element and was influenced by our state name: Big Sky State. We illustrated a sunset and a night sky to show our love of our skies and the beautiful constellations which we get to see every night.

Finally, in the northeast corner of the intersection, we have our fire design which depicts the cycle of rebirth from fire. While fires raze the land, their ashes will cultivate a new generation of life; just as our lands have been hurt by fires, there has been growth from them.

Thank you to all our sponsors!

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  • Sondra Hines

  • Sullivan Financial

  • Van’s Thriftway

  • Holter Docents

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