Tee Shirts

Starting in January of 2019 we began our tee shirt project. With the help of Papu, owner of Four O Six, we set up our own teeshirt business. We now make our own designs. Some of which are show in the picture to the left/above.

Papu taught ATAC the process of screen printing. They visited the Four O Six and got to see the teeshirt making process. They saw many of Four O Six’s designs, current, and past. hey were shown the basement where the screens are emulsioned and the designs are burned onto them. ATAC was also shown the flash drier and the print press which is on display upstairs.

After Papu showed ATAC the shop he helped them purchase the correct inks and their own print press. When the print press arrived it was in pieces so ATAC spent a day with Papu putting it together. Papu then showed ATAC how the press would work when they had their own designs to print. 

Before ATAC could begin making screens to use with the press Papu had to teach them how to apply emulsion to screens in a darkroom. But before the group could put emulsion on the screens they had to clean them.

Now that Papu had taught the teens the whole process and helped walk them through it it was time to make their own designs.

Once the designs were printed ATAC burn them onto screens. Finally they could start printing their designs. Starting with test paper and then printing on test teeshirts.

Shortly after they did their test prints ATAC started printing their designs on teeshirts and selling them.  Thanks to Papu’s teaching they now have their own screen printing business. ATAC began selling their teeshirts at events the Holter museum hosted. They take commissions from groups, including clubs at local high schools. They also make their own designs that are sold in the Holter store and at public events, ATAC teens volunteer at.

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